In the Late 1980’s 

A few like-minded tradesmen start meeting weekly to help those in need with the work of their hands.

14 Years Later

14 years later, the name Servant’s Heart Ministry is born. Weeks turned into years, and a few volunteers turned into dozens.

40 Volunteers

10 Projects

Missions Trips

2000-2005, JUAREZ, MEXICO

Servant’s Heart volunteers partnered with Touch The World on 6 mission trips to Juarez, Mexico to build a school, orphanage, warehouse, and housing for Life Challenge International.


After Hurricane Katrina touched down in New Orleans, a group of Servant’s Heart volunteers flew down to help rebuild the city. That’s when we were first introduced to Pastor Mel of Bethel Colony South Transformation Ministries. Our team has been flying down to support Pastor Mel’s incredible ministry every year since.



Servant’s Heart receives its non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) organization, completing 20 projects.

1 Staff

1 Vehicle

100 Volunteers

20 Projects

Start of budget


Servant’s Heart hires its first fulltime staff member and completes 40 projects.

2 Staff

4 Vehicle

225 Volunteers

20 Projects

0% Budget Increase



Servant’s Heart begins conversations with Dawn Treader about building a community center, while completing 50 projects.

3 Staff

6 Vehicle

275 Volunteers

50 Projects

0% Budget Increase



Servant’s Heart kicks off the Workmanship Program with 9 instructors and 12 students; while completing 60 projects.

5 Staff

7 Vehicle

325 Volunteers

60 Projects

73% Budget Increase


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Servant’s Heart completes 65 projects, including a local hospital, and acquires 39 McBride Avenue.

6 Staff

8 Vehicle

350  Volunteers

65 Projects

10% Budget Increase



Servant’s Heart completes phase 1 construction of The Great Falls Center, and launches a fine woodworking course.

8 Staff

9 Vehicle

400  Volunteers

39% Budget Increase



Servant’s Heart continues taking on projects and begins phase 2 construction of TGFC, while launching a youth fine woodworking course, a welding course, and Camp Craftsman.

10 Staff

10 Vehicle

475  Volunteers

31% Budget Increase



Servant’s Heart continues taking on projects, while launching a Tile Course.

12 Staff

10 Vehicle

475  Volunteers

This Year’s Goals

475 Volunteers

Continue encouraging and equipping people to use their gifts to serve others.

65 Projects

Create new partnerships with skilled professionals to complete more projects for organizations and churches in need.

$695,000 Donated

Partner with more businesses in the trades industry to grow our giving to the community.

Our Values

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